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Thursday, July 28, 2005

I'm So Tired #

I don't understand it. During the interim between blogs, I felt like I was missing an output medium. But now that I have a new blog, I never feel like writing anything in it....

Instead of going day by day in a perfect example of the personal description of my life that I promised I'd shy away from, I'm just going to cover the important things.

Let's see.... I think I left off waiting for my professor (heh) to respond to my e-mail. By now, she's answered me many a time and I'm nearing the end of Week 11 of 12 of the course, even though it's been less than 5 weeks since the start. I have, however, been stalled at that for a while because I have to draw a flow chart and I don't feel like it—it's not something I can breeze through.

Also, the CMSformE Conference 2005 that I may or may not have mentioned seems to have been a bust; at least, the latter half was. We discussed a bit about the new layout and what would be needed before we can release 0.1.0 gold, but it didn't seem like it was enough. On the last day, we had some fun and used Skype to have a cross-continental aural conversation: me in New York, MHobbit in Indiana, AlleyKat in Denmark, and Rondom in Germany. (That reminds me... I still have to edit the recording... Ugh.)

I'm not sure where in the new job I left off, but I've been working for a few weeks now. Of course, "new" is not the best term, because it's the same job I had last year. Or, rather, it's the same office with the same boss. My actual job is a bit different...better. This time, I'm actually in charge of something, instead of sitting and answering phones all day. (Strangely, answering the phones there don't bother me much anymore....) So, yeah, all the e-mail going in and out of the City of Long Beach (as well as the inter-office instant messaging) is under my control. Well, that's a relative term. I'm in charge of the software operating it. And, I must say, Ipswitch is not the best at letting me do that. Actually, it is, but it's just not the best software for the job. Let's just leave it at: Ipswitch is not the best for anything. Period.

Also on the ever-growing agenda is Long Beach Radio and the site that is going to host it. I've been wanting to have a Long Beach radio station for a long time now, and I made a pathetic attempt in the past (WMAY ring a bell? Didn't think so.), though having it hosted on Homestead didn't help my efforts much. Recently, I've been getting into listening to Podcasts (blame Josh) and the idea for a Long Beach radio station was resurrected. Of course, there's little more than the idea for the existance of one. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what's going to be on it (the station and the website), and whether there should be video extras, as well. Maybe the video version of a sound clip heard in the broadcast. And how often would I put out an episode? I was juggling monthly, weekly, and daily, with weekly being the strongest and most logical contender. Would I be hosting it alone? And what about music? Do I really want to be all talk? Who listens to all-talk radio? Especially about a city that no one seems to like (don't ask me why). Any and all suggestions welcome. Oh, and résumés, too.

And that leads me to my final bit of news. I recently purchased a Panasonic PV-GS250 from Beach Camera. They had it ready for shipping a mere two hours after I ordered it (and this was after work, so it was in the early evening). No tax or shipping charges! They shipped it via FedEx and it arrived today, over a day earlier than expected. I am, however, still waiting on the 2 3-packs of MiniDVs I ordered from Circuit City. They wisely chose to ship via snail mail with the United States Postal Service, who are known to take their sweet time in delivering things that you're waiting for... though insignificant things usually get there within a day or two. So I have my wonderful, lightweight, shiny camera that has all these nice features and came with a neckstrap, remote control, and external microphone, among others, and I can connect it to my TV, but... I can't actually record anything. So, yeah, it's currently a useless shiny object. That cost me $789. And that better change soon, or else I mightjust have to blog again.

Now to just throw in a personal note, family is coming in from Florida and Colorado the next couple of days, so there shall be an interesting week ahead.

Happy... um... Internet browsing?


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